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TOEIC Vocab Quiz 1

TOEIC Vocab Quiz 1. Write down your answers. Check at TOEIC Vocab Quiz 1 Review.

1. Our human resources department will help you __________ to the San Francisco area upon your arrival there.

(A) acclimate
(B) accommodate
(C) accentuate
(D) accelerate

2. For being the top producing real estate saleswoman of the quarter, Susan Miller received the ________ of her manager.

(A) anxieties
(B) wishes
(C) dreams
(D) accolades

3. Your __________ at the Pan-Pacific Hotel in Vancouver have been confirmed for two nights.

(A) acceptances
(B) actualities
(C) accordance
(D) accommodations

4. President Smith's executive assistant will ________ her on her trip to New York this week.

(A) acquire
(B) accede
(C) acknowledge
(D) accompany

5. Because John ________ little as production supervisor, he was fired.

(A) refused
(B) witnessed
(C) accomplished
(D) retaliated

6. It was quite an ________ to turn the company around in such a short time.

(A) agglomeration
(B) accent
(C) aptitude
(D) accomplishment

7. Talks have broken off because the two companies have been unable to reach an ________.

(A) acceptance
(B) acquisition
(C) accord
(D) actuality

8. According to our records, your checking ________ is $123.00 overdrawn as of this morning.

(A) accumulation
(B) account
(C) accommodation
(D) acclaim

9. You should let an __________ calculate your taxes and complete your return.

(A) actor
(B) accountant
(C) adjuster
(D) adjutant

10. Should you decide to take our money market checking account, interest will ________ at a rate of 4.5% per year.

(A) accept
(B) account
(C) accord
(D) accrue

11. She has yet to _______ her goal of putting the company on sound financial footing.

(A) arrange
(B) achieve
(C) acquire
(D) aspire

12. William's record of ________ within the company is only exceeded by his record of service to the community.

(A) achievement
(B) distress
(C) proportion
(D) repugnance

13. Pacific Gas and Electric refused to ________ receiving our letter of complaint.

(A) accede
(B) accentuate
(C) acknowledge
(D) accredit

14. Mr. Young is a business ________ whom I met at our annual convention last year.

(A) acumen
(B) accelerator
(C) acquaintance
(D) acquisition

15. Dutch Telecom is reportedly seeking to ________ VoiceStream Technologies for some fifty billion dollars.

(A) acclaim
(B) acquit
(C) accord
(D) acquire
16. AOL's ________ of Time Warner was accomplished mainly as a result of selling shares in its company.

(A) accumulation
(B) acquisition
(C) acknowledgement
(D) accrual

17. As of Mr. Jones' dismissal from the company, Janet Jackson has been appointed ________ head of the Trust Division.

(A) acceding
(B) acting
(C) accostive
(D) accomplishing

18. You may ________ your credit card by calling 1-800-888-0002 at any time 24 hours a day.

(A) activate
(B) actualize
(C) accompany
(D) acclimate

19. According to ________ calculations, the average male born in the United States has a life expectancy of 74 years.

(A) acceptance
(B) actuarial
(C) acquisitive
(D) accountable

20. To become the CEO of a corporation, one must possess extraordinary business ________ and aggressive leadership skills.

(A) acknowledgement
(B) acumen
(C) acceleration
(D) activation

21. We cannot count on their changing their negotiating position because their response to our latest offer was ________.

(A) tentative
(B) adamant
(C) preliminary
(D) provisional

22. The ________ to the agreement has yet to be formulated but includes crucial points which must be worded carefully.

(A) adherent
(B) acknowledgement
(C) acquaintance
(D) addendum

23. Please note that the ________ which is listed on our business card has been changed to 512 Valencia Avenue.

(A) accord
(B) advancement
(C) advantage
(D) address

24. I would like to send this letter by certified return receipt so that the ________ will have to sign for it.

(A) addressee
(B) addendum
(C) accommodation
(D) accomplishment

25. According to our program this afternoon, the meeting will be ________ promptly at 5:00 p.m.

(A) accomplished
(B) adjourned
(C) acquired
(D) accrued

26. The ________ will be out to review your insurance claim and inspect the damage to your car at 10 a.m. on Monday.

(A) accruer
(B) acknowledger
(C) adjuster
(D) adjourner

27. If there is any problem with the ________ of these tests, it should be reported immediately to the supervising authority.

(A) administration
(B) adhesion
(C) advocacy
(D) addressee

28. We need to find a new ________ for the Human Resources Department who has experience in all sectors of our corporation.

(A) accompaniment
(B) acknowledgement
(C) adjuster
(D) administrator

29. With this credit card, you may obtain an ________ of up to $5000 at any of our branch locations.

(A) accumulation
(B) advance
(C) advice
(D) accomplishment
30. Due to ________ business conditions, the corporation has decided to postpone its hiring of new employees.

(A) admonished
(B) accomplished
(C) adverse
(D) actuarial

31. The ________ is for a technical writer who is fluent in both English and Chinese.

(A) acceleration
(B) advertisement
(C) acceptance
(D) accumulation

32. Because the _________ budget is so small this year, breakthroughs into new international markets will be minimal.

(A) advertising
(B) adjusting
(C) adamant
(D) administration

33. Following the ________ of her broker, Mrs. Tang has decided to diversify her investments into stocks and bonds.

(A) adjournment
(B) addendum
(C) advice
(D) activation

34. As an Amazon business _________, a company receives the benefit of the Amazon logo on its homepage.

(A) acknowledgement
(B) actuary
(C) affiliate
(D) addressee

35. We are able to state categorically that our response to your proposal is ________.

(A) actuarial
(B) absolute
(C) affirmative
(D) acting

36. Please ________ your signature on the line above the description "President of the Company."

(A) affix
(B) afford
(C) affect
(D) accept

37. Generous packages of stock options have created a class of ________ executives.

(A) affected
(B) affluent
(C) accruable
(D) accumulative

38. The company cannot ________ to ignore the volatility of the Nasdaq stock market.

(A) afflict
(B) accommodate
(C) acquire
(D) afford

39. The marketing ________ has proposed a three year campaign that focuses on television, radio, and internet advertising.

(A) advertisement
(B) acknowledgement
(C) agency
(D) aggression

40. For her role in selling the property, the real estate _________ received a ten percent commission.

(A) assistant
(B) affect
(C) acquisition
(D) agent

41. It is only through an ________ marketing strategy that the new company can hope to make a dent in the market.

(A) affirmed
(B) administrative
(C) activated
(D) aggressive

42. The final ________ is set to be signed on Friday at the law offices of Ernst, Rabin and Stravinsky.

(A) actuary
(B) acumen
(C) acquisition
(D) agreement

43. Because of continued ________ of money laundering, the banks of the Grand Cayman Islands have opened their books to auditors.

(A) allowances
(B) alliances
(C) alloys
(D) allegations

44. R.J. Reynolds, formerly a tobacco company, has formed ________ with various food producing companies in an effort to diversify.

(A) alternates
(B) alliances
(C) alterations
(D) alliterations

45. ________ in the fight against AT & T, Sprint and Vonage have attempted to broaden their market share.

(A) Allegations
(B) Alternatives
(C) Allies
(D) Acknowledgers

46. Cutbacks in research mean that ________ for the development end of our organization may exceed expectations.

(A) account
(B) allocation
(C) accord
(D) allowance

47. The ________ for personnel clothing is not limited to clothes worn on site.

(A) amalgamation
(B) alloy
(C) addressee
(D) allotment

48. The university travel ________ covers all lodging, food, and transportation expenses incurred by the university representative.

(A) alleviation
(B) allergy
(C) allowance
(D) allegation

49. Once the contract has been signed, it cannot be ________ except by mutual agreement of the signing parties.

(A) adjourned
(B) altered
(C) aspired
(D) allotted

50. Minister Smith's inability to attend the economic summit means that an ________ representative must be selected.

(A) alternate
(B) affluent
(C) actual
(D) accordant

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Friday, April 25, 2008

ข้อสอบTOEIC Grammar

TOEIC Grammar Quiz 10

TOEIC Grammar Quiz 10. Write down your answers. Check your answers at TOEC Gram Quiz 10 Review.

226. Whether to erect protectionist trade barriers is a decision ________ every government seeking to protect native manufacturers.

(A) that faces
(B) that it faces
(C) it faces
(D) faces

227. While some activities such as knitting clothes and making cheese lend themselves to a barter system, _______ such as purchasing airplane ticket do not.

(A) the others are activities
(B) another activities
(C) the other activities
(D) other activities

228. ________ to have been a boon to domestic industries, free trade agreements have wreaked havoc in developed and developing countries.

(A) One time thinking
(B) It was at one time
(C) Thought at once
(D) Once thought

229. In the United States, most high tech companies have located their _______ of operations in Silicon Valley, California.

(A) base
(B) basis
(C) basic
(D) baseness

230. In the world of stock rumors, even a baseless allegation can have a _________ impact on stock prices.

(A) drama
(B) dramatic
(C) dramatize
(D) dramatized

231. According to ________, prices in a free market system depend on supply and demand.

(A) basic economic theory
(B) economic basic theory
(C) theoretical basic economy
(D) theoretically economy basic

232. The federal judge indicated that the _______ of her decision was her belief that Microsoft had deliberately tried to monopolize the market.

(A) base
(B) basic
(C) basis
(D) basically

233. Pegging the value of a currency against a basket of currencies _______ the deuschmark, yen, and dollar is one way of establishing its value.

(A) includes
(B) include
(C) including
(D) include those

234. One quality of a business leader is the ability to step up to bat and make the hard decisions _______ to ensure business viability.

(A) necessary
(B) necessarily
(C) necessitate
(D) necessitating

235. The battle lines have long been drawn in the transatlantic air market as European carriers vie with American carriers _______.

(A) for market share
(B) in shared market
(C) to share market
(D) on shared markets

236. The Wall Street Journal is often the bearer of significant business news which affects individuals _______.

(A) alike corporations
(B) and too corporations
(C) and corporations alike
(D) also corporations

237. Because of the bearish economy, _______ brokerage jobs have been lost on Wall Street.

(A) a hundred of
(B) hundred of
(C) hundreds of
(D) the hundred

238. _______ communistic economic theory can be found in Karl Marx's Das Kapital.

(A) A bedrock in
(B) The bedrock of
(C) The bedrock on
(D) A bedrock at

239. _______ wildly fluctuates whenever the Federal Reserve Bank makes pronouncements.

(A) Market behavior that
(B) Marketing behavior
(C) Market behavior
(D) Marketable behavior

240. In the world of cruise lines, Carnival is an economic behemoth ________ existing passenger liners.

(A) by over a half in all
(B) with over half of all
(C) at over the half of all
(D) in over a half to all

241. It is believed that Bank of America is behind Nestle's ________ over General Foods.

(A) attempted taking over
(B) to attempt to take over
(C) attempting take over
(D) attempt to take over

242. _______ the world's population will eventually outstrip the world's supply of food is a central tenet of Malthusian economics.

(A) The belief is that
(B) Believing when
(C) It is to believe why
(D) The belief that

243. The price of General Electric stock dropped four dollars a share _______ that quarterly earnings were below expectations.

(A) in reports
(B) at reports
(C) on reports
(D) through reports

244. To start his ________, the President called for various belt tightening measures.

(A) economic austerity program
(B) austerity economic program
(C) program economic austerity
(D) program austerity economic

245. In an attempt to bend the rules, many passengers try _______ more than one carry-on onto their airplane.

(A) and take
(B) and took
(C) to take
(D) taking them

246. On Wednesday morning, OPEC set ________ of oil at $27 per barrel.

(A) the benchmark new price
(B) the new benchmark price
(C) the price, new benchmark
(D) the benchmark price, new

247. One beneficiary of the NAFTA trade agreement was the Mexican shoe industry _______ has doubled its exports to the United States.

(A) that it
(B) it
(C) which
(D) whose

248. When looking for a job, the prospective employee must look at the package of benefits offered by the ________.

(A) employing
(B) employed
(C) employment
(D) employer

249. _______, John Smith bequeathed $50 million dollars to the Harvard Medical School.

(A) After his dead
(B) On his dying
(C) Upon his death
(D) In his demise

250. Mrs. Ann Richard's generous bequest of 10 acres of prime real estate land will enable the university to build a new complex of _______.

(A) housing students
(B) students housing
(C) student housing
(D) housing student

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